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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montreal Independent Film Festival - 2021.png
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fetons Film - 2021.png
Finalist - Oudeis International Film Festival - 2021.png

Producing Luckyboy

During my senior year of college, I was asked to co-produce the short film, Luckyboy. Originally, I was a crew member, working on the 3D elements of the film while also contributing to the storyboarding and character designs. Once production began in full, I was asked by the director, Domenic Romano, and the then producer, Brandon Driese, to step into the role of co-producer. As a producer my job involved managing the crew and the pipelines, keeping track of deadlines, presenting our progress to the university, and gathering equipment to film the stop motion elements.

ShotGrid Spreadsheet


One of the main biggest challenges involved with the film was managing the different pipelines. Luckyboy is a mixed media piece involving 2D, 3D, stop motion, motion capture, and live-action elements. Making sure all of those different pipelines and schedules worked towards the same deadline was one of my main jobs on the film. I did a lot of work in ShotGrid to plan and organize all of those elements. 

Excel Sheets


Each shot in the film showcased different forms of media. To keep track of it, Brandon, my co-producer, and I created this spreadsheet. It lists all of the shots in the film, how many frames it had, the complexity of the shot, and what media the shot used. It was an important point of reference for us during production.

Production Storyboards


To help the crew understand how the mixed media would be composited into each shot, Domenic, Brandon, and Dylan Dee (the head of 2D) and I color-coded each storyboard and wrote notes on the side, deciding what elements would be in what media. It was a visual way to communicate to the crew the information the spreadsheets provided. 

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